I grew up in rural Puerto Rico, surrounded by nature and with a cow in my backyard, which sparked my interest in all things biology. A scientist-turned-communicator, I build connections to make science and scientists accessible to all.


    My bilingual outreach efforts focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics and opportunities, as well as increasing diversity in science and science communication. In 2013, I won the  COPUS Paul Shin Memorial Award (2013) for her efforts to increase public understanding of science among Hispanic audiences. My work has been featured on international media outlets, such as UnivisiónVOXXI, and Scientific American among others.


    I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón and a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Harvard University. I am is the vice-director and news editor-in-chief of Ciencia Puerto Rico, an organization leveraging social networks to engage Puerto Rican and Latino scientists in science communication and education. I am also the Science Outreach Program Manager for iBiology, a non-profit that produces and distributes free online educational videos featuring the world’s leading scientists (including 37 Nobel Prize winners), their research, ideas and opinions. 


    Build connections to empower people through
    science communication and education.

  • Videos

    A selection of recent online conversations and video interviews.

    Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM

    Google Hangout On Air – September 2015
    A monthly conversation, hosted by Dr. Jedidah Isler, about the experiences of women of color in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This time, Dr. Cyntrica Eaton, Liz Wayne and I talked about transitions.

    Interview about Seeds of Success: Girls STEM Ambassadors Program

    Puerto Rico TV – May 2015
    Interview (in Spanish) on Puerto Rico public television about the Seeds of Success: STEM Ambassadors Program, the first of its kind in Puerto Rico giving middle school girls the opportunity to learn about careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and explore how through these disciplines they can become leaders and agents of change in their communities.

    Connecting Science and Culture

    Science Online 2014 (SciO14) – February 2014
    Interview with science journalist Luis Quevedo at the Science Online 2014 Conference (in Spanish) about making science relevant by connecting it to the culture and context of your audience.
  • My Blog

    Where I share my musings, reflections, good news and more.


    Updated: September 18, 2015. See my full-length CV here.


    • Harvard University, Ph.D. in Neurobiology, 2013
    • University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón, B.S. in Human Biology, 2004

    Employment History

    • iBiology, Science Outreach Program Manager, 2015 – present
    • Ciencia Puerto Rico, Vice-Director, 2015 – present (employee), 2006 – 2014 (volunteer)
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Technician, 2004 – 2007

    Selected Professional Honors & Awards

    • Paul Shin Memorial Award, Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science, 2013
    • Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2010 – 2013                              
    • Fellow, Diversity Program in Neuroscience, American Psychological Association, 2009 – 2010
    • Fellow, Biotechnology Institute Minority Fellows Program, 2007 – 2008

    Selected Leadership & Service Activities

    • Member, Mentoring and Networking Core, National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), 2014 – present                  
    • Member, Board of Advisors, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network2014 – present
    • Member, Community Relations Committee, Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL), 2014
    • Member, Leadership Team, Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Project, 2014
    • Abstract Reviewer, Poster Judge & MentorSACNAS National Conference, 2013 – present 

    Selected Publications: Science Communication, Education & Outreach

    Selected Publications: Peer-Reviewed

    • González-Espada, W., Llerandi-Román, P., Fortis-Santiago, Y., Guerrero-Medina, G., Ortíz-Vega, N., Feliú-Mójer, M. and Colón-Ramos, D. (2014) Impact of Culturally Relevant Contextualized Activities on Elementary and Middle School Students Perceptions of Science: An Exploratory Study. International Journal of Science Education, Part B: Communication and Public Engagement, DOI: 10.1080/21548455.2014.881579.
    • Guerrero-Medina, G., Feliú-Mójer, M., González-Espada, W., Díaz-Muñoz, G., López, M., Díaz-Muñoz, S. L., Fortis-Santiago, Y., Flores-Otero, J., Craig, D., and Colón-Ramos, D. A. (2013) Supporting Diversity in Science through Social Networking. PLoS Biology 11(12): e1001740. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001740.
    • Seeburg, D. P., Feliú-Mójer, M. I., Gaiottino, J., Pak, D. T. S. and Sheng, M. (2008). Critical Role of CDK5 and Polo-like Kinase 2 in Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity. Neuron 58, 571-583.
    • Hoogenraad, C. C., Feliú-Mójer, M. I., Spangler, S. A., Milstein, A. D., Dunah, A. W., Hung, A.Y., and Sheng, M. (2007) Liprinα1 Degradation by Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II Regulates LAR Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatase Distribution and Dendrite Development. Developmental Cell 12, 587–602.

    Selected Presentations: Science Communication, Education & Outreach

    • Science Communication: Challenges for Local Media in the Digital Age. Panel, International Communication Association Annual Conference, San Juan, PR (2015).
    • Public Communication of Research: Broadening Open Access. Keynote Speaker, Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship Conference, Philadelphia, PA (2015) 
    • Making Science Inclusive Through Online Science Communication. Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, Yale University, New Haven, CT (2015).
    • Impact of Young Researcher Associations on Science and Technology Policy in Latina American. Panel, WAYS-UNESCO Youth Science Forum, Iberoamerican Science, Technology, Innovation and Education Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014).
    • Delivering Science: Effective Communication Skills to Become a Successful Scientist. Professional development workshop, Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in the Sciences (SACNAS) National Conference, Los Angeles, CA (2014).
    • Intersections of science, identity and community: a personal perspective. Women’s History Month Keynote Seminar, Center for Diversity, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA (2014).
    • Engaging the Invisible Americans: Science communication for Spanish-speaking audiences. Science Online, Seattle, WA (2013). 

    Selected Research Presentations

    • Feliú-Mójer, M. I., Guerrero-Medina, G., Colón-Ramos, D., López-Casillas, M., Flores-Otero, J., González-Espada, W., Fortis-Santiago, Y., Díaz-Muñoz, G. and Díaz-Muñoz, S. CienciaPR: Science Education through Media and Informal Settings. Seminar, National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Conference, Rio Grande, PR (2013).
    • Feliú-Mójer, M. I., González-Espada, W. and Fortis-Santiago, Y. Communicating Puerto Rican Science: Media and educational impact of Ciencia Puerto Rico. Seminar, 3rd Research, Action and Creation Meeting of the Puerto Rican Association of Academic Programs in Communications, San Juan, PR (2012).
    • Guerrero-Medina, G., Díaz-Muñoz, G., Díaz-Muñoz, S., Feliú-Mójer, M. I., Flores-Otero, J., Fortis-Santiago, Y., González-Espada, W., López, M. and Colón-Ramos, D. Ciencia Puerto Rico: A Model for How Online Diasporas and Communities Can Work Together to Advance Science. Poster, Gordon Research Seminar and Conference, Science and Technology Policy, Waterville Valley, NH (2012).